Why Isn’t My Washing Machine Spinning?

The spin cycle is an important function in washing machines that force excess water out of the clothes. Although it doesn’t completely dry them, it does remove the majority of water from the fabric; therefore, making it easier and safer for your dryer to finish the job. When the spin cycle stops working, you’ll need to either stop using your washing machine or take your clothes outside to line-dry. Trying to force soaking wet clothes into a traditional consumer-grade dryer is generally too much for them to handle, and it may potentially cause damage to your unit.


Before we start, it’s important to first check and see if it is in fact the spin cycle that’s the problem. If your washing machine is turning on goes through the cleaning cycle just fine but turns off right before going into the spin cycle, then it’s likely the problem. On the other hand, washing machines that won’t turn on altogether probably have a different problem.

Clogged Filter

Many people are surprised to learn that washing machines have their own built-in filters. While everyone knows that a dryer has a lint filter, washing machines also have a small filter that’s typically found at the bottom front of the unit. Take a minute to get down and closely inspect this area to see if there’s anything blocking it. Things like socks, underwear, coins and pens can easily clock the filter, which then may prevent the spin cycle from turning on as it should.


Another common cause is related to the belts. Some of the internal belts in older machines may get worn over time and stop working. Depending on the specific belt and what purpose it served, it may prevent your machine from going into the spin cycle. If you’re comfortable working on your machine, then you can replace the belt by yourself; otherwise, you’ll need to hire a professional to come out and service your unit.


The internal pump is used to drain the still water from a washing machine before turning over to the spin cycle. If the pump is broken or if the drain pipes are clogged, chances are your machine won’t go into the spin cycle. This is simply because there’s too much water in your unit for the spin cycle to function properly, so it prevents it from tying. Replacing a broken or damaged pump is usually a simple process that doesn’t cost a ton of money.