We Miss You!

We Have Not Heard From You In A While – and we need to ask a small favor 🙂

spayd8569aIn the past you have been a customer of ours, but we have not heard from you in a while So we wanted to reach out to you to remind you about your experience with us – and extend a special offer for any repairs you might need in the future.  

We are offering 20% off repair for appointments made online (just use the form on the right) and a free STARBUCKS gift card!

We also wanted to ask a small favor (it is an easy one we promise). All you need to do to get this offer is to "like" Facebook Page or Give Us A Review.  That is it!

The reasoning behind this is that we have built a very large portion of our business on referrals.   Now we are actively using Facebook to communicate with our clients – with tips, how-tos and promotional offers for facebook friends/fans only.  

So in the future when or if you need any Appliance repairs, tuneups, troubleshooting or problems addressed you will actually have an oppotunity to get special offers and discounts.  Don't worry we are not going to spam you or bother you!

So With That Said:  Will You "Like" Our Facebook Page and/or Give Us A Review?   

This will help us show new customers what our existing customers have to say about us.   In marketing they call this "social proof" and we have found it has been a tremendous help to us!

How You Can Help (and get a 20% Discount and a FREE STARBUCKS CARD with any completed appliance repair)

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We sincerely thank you for your response! The All Area Appliance Repair Team