Washing The Washing Machine


Yes, it is true, you must wash your washing machine in order for it to continue to clean your clothes and work properly! You would think that something that is made to wash things would be self-cleaning, but they really do need a good cleaning about at least once a month to make sure your machine stays in it’s best condition and continues to clean your clothes adequately.


On many washing machines there is an option for a cleaning cycle which will help wash and rinse out your machine to keep it nice and clean. You can also purchase cleaners made specifically for running through your machine to get rid of any musty smells that do develop. You will simply follow the directions on the packaging of any cleaners that you purchase. Make sure that the cleaner you buy fits your washing machine type, such as top loading or front loading.


In between running monthly washing machine cleaning cycles, there are a few things you can do to help keep your machine as clean as possible. For one, make sure to remove any loads on laundry in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of it becoming smelly, moldy, or musty. This will limit any bad smells your machine may develop. Once you have removed your load, and your aren’t running another, keep the door slightly open or keep the lid up on a top loading machine to allow the tub to dry out completely. Also, make sure to clean out where you put the soap and fabric softener regularly.


Try to keep the outside of the machine clean as well to keep the machine looking nice as well as running nicely. Keeping your machine clean, inside and out, not only ensures that your laundry is getting well cleaned in a clean machine, it can also extend the life of your machine. A machine that is getting backed up, growing mold, or smells musty will need replace much sooner than one that has been cleaned and cared for.

If you are worried about cleaning your machine yourself, think it needs a heavier cleaning than you can give it, are worried screens, drains, or other parts of your washer need attention, call a certified and professional appliance center to get an estimate on cleaning, or a walkthrough on how to do it yourself. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual any time you are uncertain of what you need to do with your machine.

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