Washing Machine Stuck on Wash Cycle

After turning on your washing machine, does it get stuck on the wash cycle without advancing to the spin cycle? This is a far too common problem faced by owners of both new and old washing machines. When this happens, your unit is pretty much a paperweight until you get it fixes, because you aren't going to be able to hang up soaked clothes in your clothes. Sure, you can always take them outside to line-dry, but this is usually more trouble than what it's worth. If your washing machine is stuck on the wash cycle, keep reading and we'll walk you through some steps to identifying and fixing the problem.


First and foremost, you need to check and make sure that your washing machine is really getting stuck on the wash cycle. I recommend running an empty load in your washing machine with the lowest setting possible and closely monitoring it when it's almost through with the wash cycle. Once it finishes up, it should try and click over to the spin cycle. If your washing machine continues washing or simply stops working altogether, then you know something is wrong and needs to be fixed.



While there could be a number of different issues causing your washing machine to get stuck on the wash cycle, one of the most common reasons is directly related to a faulty timer. If you don't know the importance of this device, let me explain — basically, the timer is used to signal to your washing machine when it needs to advance to the next cycle. If the timer is broken or otherwise damaged, the washing machine will never receive the signal needed to change cycles; therefore, it will become stuck in the wash cycle. Replacing the timer can be somewhat confusing if you've never done it before. Not only do you need to find a timer that's right for your specific washing machine, but you must know how to open your unit up, find the old one, and then replace it with the new one. If you fail to connect all the wiring properly, the new timer won't fix the problem. Depending on your comfort level and how much experience you have with washing machines, you may want to have a professional come out to replace the timer. An experienced professional will ensure a new timer is set up and installed properly without any loose wiring.