Washing Machine Not Cleaning Well

If your clothes are coming out of the washing machine dirty, chances are there's something wrong with your unit. When this occurs, you'll either be forced to replace your washing machine or fix the problem that's causing your clothes to remain dirty. Before you go spending hundreds on a brand new washing machine, you should first try to identify the problem. Even if you aren't familiar with the mechanics of a washing machine, there are a couple of things owners can do to troubleshoot this all-too-common problem. Once you've found out what's causing it, you can then work on fixing it; therefore, keeping you from buying a new washing machine.






Liquid vs Powder Detergent

A lot of people automatically assume that powder detergent works the same as liquid. Some of the powder detergent will certainly clean your clothes just as well as liquid, but there's a big difference between the two — continued use of powder detergent may cause damage to your washing machine. It's not something that's going to happen overnight, but using powder detergent time-after-time will allow the substance to settle into the gears of the washing machine where it wrecks havoc on your unit. Instead of spinning and changing cycles as it should, your washing machine may only work at 50% capacity, leaving your clothes dirty after the cycle is complete.

Another problem associated with the use of powder detergent is the fact that some of it clumps up and doesn't dissolve properly. When it sticks to the top or sides of your machine, it's probably not going to dissolve. As a result, your clothes are left with less detergent than what they should have. If you aren't using it already, make the switch to liquid detergent and see how it performs.


You may not realize it, but overloading your washing machine may cause the clothes to come out dirty or stained. When there's not enough space left in between the clothes, detergent won't be able to reach them. Water will typically soak through still, but they won't get the necessary soap to get clean. Read up on your specific model washing machine to determine the exact load size. Some washing machines have sticky labels attached to the front of them which display this information, while others have it listed in their instruction manual. If you're unable to find the load size, hop online to perform an internet search of your washing machine. This should reveal specific information regarding load size, maintenance, etc.