Tips on Using and Maintaining a Garbage Disposal

There are many reasons why you should own a garbage disposal. The main benefit is that you can dispose of your dinner leftovers  instead of letting them smell up your trash However, if you want your garbage disposal to work and function as it should, then you must know how to properly use and maintain it.


Many owners purchase or have garbage disposals installed only to damage them from improper use. In the event they become damaged, you’ll have to either try and fix it yourself or hire a professional to do the job. To help prevent such catastrophes from happening, you should take note of the tips I’m about to tell you.

Always Use Water

Anytime you use your garbage disposal, always run cold water down it before, during and after. Doing so helps to lubricate the gears and prevents them grinding together. Be sure to use cold and not hot water, as hot water can melt the food, causing it to jam the gears in your garbage disposal.

Avoid Hard Solids

Garbage disposals are pretty incredible tools that can eat through most of the stuff you feed them. Although, just because it “can” dispose of something, doesn’t mean it should. If you continuously dispose of bones, coffee grounds and other hard objects, don’t be surprised if your garbage disposal stops working after a while. Instead of placing these objects down the garbage disposal, toss them in the trash can. The 2 minutes it takes you to throw them away can save you hundreds of dollars in repair.

Keep It Sharpened

Most garbage disposals operate with two large blades spinning to eat up the materials you dispose of. If you take the time to remove it and sharpen it every so often, your garbage disposal will perform more efficiently. Without sharpening them, the blades will begin to dull over time. When the blades are dull, they wont cut through the disposed items as easily.

What Should I Do If My Garbage Disposal Stops Working?

If you follow the 3 basic principles outlines above, your garbage disposal shouldn’t break unless it malfunctions or is improperly installed. In the event that it does stop working, you should call a professional to come out and examine your unit. Some problems can be fixed simply by resetting your garbage disposal, so always look underneath your sink to see if you can reset it first. However, more serious problems may include a broken motor or teeth which are completely ground out.