Tips on Removing Bad Odors From Your Refrigerator

Does your refrigerator haveunpleasant odor when you open the door? It may only be a minor nuisance at first, but it can actually change the taste and smell of your food if you don’t fix the problem. Thankfully, though, cleaning and removing odors in your refrigerator is a fairly easy and straight forward process; here’s how:


What’s Causing The Odor?

There could a be a number of different culprits which cause your refrigerator to smell bad. Maybe you left some meat in there too long and it started to spoil? Or perhaps it’s just some old vegetables or fruit which have grown moldy? In the event that your refrigerator’s food develops mold, it’s crucial that you immediately clean it. Allowing moldy food to remain in your refrigerator can threaten the health of you and your family.

Remove Everything From Your Refrigerator

First and foremost, you should remove every single item from your refrigerator. If you have a spare refrigerator in the basement or someone else, you can move the food there for the time being. If you don’t, then place them in a cooler or ice chest. Any food items which are expired, rotten or moldy need to be wrapped and sealed in their own trash bag.

Create a Cleaning Solution

Removing old food will certainly help with odors in your refrigerator, but you’ll need to give it a thorough cleaning as well. Some individuals use bleach in their refrigerators but I wouldn’t recommend this as it can contaminate your food. Instead, create an all-natural cleaning solution by mixing together 1 parts vinegar and 5 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of your refrigerator and wipe it down with a scrub brush. You might be skeptical of using vinegar to remove odors, but trust me, it’s effective at both sanitizing and getting out any bad smells.

After you’ve thrown out all of the bad food in your refrigator and cleaned it with the vinegar solution, it’s safe to go ahead and place the items back in it. As you’re placing them back, double check the expiration dates to ensure nothing snuck by you the first time around.

Following the tips outlined above is certain to remove any and all bad smells produced from your refrigerator. To prevent them from coming back, try to throw away any meats, vegetables or fruit once they start to go bad. Most bad smells produced in the refrigerator are a result of such items being left in there for too long.