Replacing Refrigerators: Choosing a Size

Although repairing a refrigerator is a cost-effective option, sometimes homeowners are ready to replace an ugly old refrigerator with a shiny new appliance. As part of a kitchen remodel or a simple appliance upgrade, choosing the right refrigerator can have a huge impact on the kitchen layout. Here are some items to consider when sizing a new refrigerator for your space:


Is your current fridge overflowing with produce and food? It may be an option to purchase a fridge with a greater capacity. If you already have a cut out that you want to use for your refrigerator, sizes may be limited. Measure the area to determine the right size for your refrigerator. Even if you are limited in the height and width of the refrigerator, it is possible to increase the depth. Deeper refrigerators will have longer drawers for storage. However, the added depth may cause the fridge to protrude up to 10 inches from the cabinets. Homeowners should keep in mind this impact on kitchen flow. 

Kitchen Flow

In this article, we'll describe kitchen flow as the ability to move through the kitchen. While a deeper refrigerator may provide greater capacity, the protrusion into the kitchen space can cause issues. If there is an immovable island nearby or a small corner, the protrusion may impede the cook trying to walk through the kitchen. If flow is more important to you than capacity, you can consider a "counter-depth" refrigerator. These options are usually less than 28" deep. 24" is the depth of most cabinets. However, these refrigerators are smaller, with shorter drawers for storage. To combat this capacity decrease, some manufacturers make wider versions. Homeowners need to verify that these wider versions fit into their home before purchasing.

Door clearance

Today's homeowners are beset with refrigerator door options. There is the freezer on the top or the freeszer on the bottom. French doors are also available. The best door for your home is the one that fits in the space. Returning to the idea of kitchen flow, refrigerator doors should swing open smoothly with no obstructions. In a space that doesn't allow for larger doors, the french doors can be a good option. They are half as long as the typical full refrigerator door. Again, measuring the area helps homeowners make an appropriate decision. 

Sometimes it is time to buy a new refrigerator instead of repairing it. In this case, homeowners should evaluate their options carefully to determine an appropriate fit. With the proper measurements, installation should progress smoothly. The final layout should allow the cook to move easily around the kitchen. 

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