Refrigerator Freezer Leaking Water

Having a refrigerator freezer that constantly leaks water can be a troubling sight. The additional moisture may trickle down the refrigerator onto the floor below, which then creates a dangerous, slippery surface for anyone walking by. If someone happens to walk on a slick tile or hardwood floor in the kitchen, they could easily slip and fall. Of course the water can also lead to mold, mildew and rot, and these are three things no homeowners wants to deal with. Thankfully, however, fixing a leaky refrigerator freezer is typically a quick and easy process that anyone can do; here's how it's done:

Identify The Problem

The first thing you'll need to do is identify what's causing the problem. Most refrigerator freezers have a built-in tray that collects condensate, frost and moisture. Once the tray begins to fill up with water, it then travels through a drain line before exiting the refrigerator. Take a few minutes to closely inspect your refrigerator freezer to identify these parts and areas. Depending on how full your unit is, you may have to remove some of the food temporarily. I recommend moving all of your freezer food items into a cooler full of ice until you're able to fix the problem. This will keep all of your food at a safe degree, preventing it from spoiling or otherwise going bad.


Is The Drain Line Clogged?

One of the most common causes of a leaking refrigerator freezer is a clogged drain line. When ice or food debris gets stuck down inside this line, it will prevent water from properly traveling through. As a result, the water will slowly begin to back up in the tray until it spills out and leaks on the surrounding area. After you've identified where the drain line is located, shine a flashlight through both ends to see if you notice any blockage. If you do, try to clear it out with a clothes hanger or a similar object. Unfortunately, the problem can sometimes be caused by a tray that's too small for your freezer and drain line. If the tray isn't large enough, water will back up and spill over the sides. This doesn't necessarily mean the drain line is clogged, but the problem could just be a small tray. If you believe this is the problem, try replacing the tray with a larger one. You can purchase them from most home improvement and appliance stores for as little as $20 bucks, which is a small price to pay for a working freezer that doesn't leak.