Quick Fix for Oven Problems

Do not suffer without your oven, check for common errors and their solutions quickly, but remember, always put safety first and if the repair is more than just a replacement, it’s worth calling in a professional who has the knowledge to fix the appliance.

When the oven’s light and fan come on but it doesn’t heat up this is usually a sign that one or more of the elements is broken and you should not try to fix this yourself.

If the oven temperature has become difficult to control which is leading to either overheating and burnt food or lukewarm temperatures which are not hot enough to cook anything properly, this is likely to be an issue with the thermostat.


While the thermostat is easy to replace, they have parts that break easily if you do not know what your doing.

If the kitchen units either side of your oven are being singed or burnt this will either be due to a faulty door seal or poor installation, in other words not enough room has been left between the oven and the units for effective ventilation.

A qualified technician is able to replace the door seal or to recommend a solution to the problem of installation.

These common oven problems will more than likely simply require a thirty minute appointment with a specialist in broken oven repairs.