Pre-Rinsing Dishes Before Using The Dishwasher

Have you ever wondered how clean your dishes should be before they go into the dishwasher? Should you scrape off everything you can? Should you rinse them off? Or should you even give them a bit of a pre-wash with your sponge before loading up? Experts have gotten together and it seems the answers to pre-rinsing and pre-washing are a resounding no. Seems strange that this would be the answer since it would seem that it would get the dishes cleaner if there wasn’t as much gunk on them to begin with. Despite what we think, there are quite a few good reasons this idea of rinsing before washing is not actually a good idea.

Detergents Need The Food

It is best to scrape off large pieces of food and things like that, but it is not necessary to rinse the dish. This will prevent large quantities of food form clogging up the drain and hoses, but will still allow your machine to do its job. See, the specially formulated dishwashing detergent is designed to attach to food particles and cleanse your plates and dishes, if you wash off all the food particles, there is nothing for the soap to grab onto. When this happens, all that expensive soap you bought is literally just being washed down the drain.

Waste Of Money

Not only do you waste money, you are wasting time, energy, and resources. By pre-rinsing your dishes you are wasting gallons of water, and for what? Experts and researchers have said that doing this gets your dishes no cleaner than just allowing the dishwasher to do its job. A dishwasher uses an average of 3-5 gallons of water per load and most by-hand washers can take from 8 to 27 gallons of water! Lower your water bill, your power bill, and stop wasting money on detergent by pre-rinsing or pre-washing your dishes. Newer machines are designed to be able to run on settings for different amounts of ‘dirtiness’. Take advantage of this technology!

You Have Better Things To Do

Stop wasting your time! Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? With all the things that are on our plates and to do lists, you would think that doing pointless tasks would take a back seat. Having a dishwasher does not save you any time if you are washing the dishes before loading it! In fact, doing both adds time to your chore lists. Home appliances have been developed and refined to do jobs that we don’t need to be doing. Let them do their job and keep up with the rest of your life!

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