Oven Trouble? We Can Help!

With the winter holidays approaching, and thanksgiving nearly upon us, now is the time to ensure that you have a fully functional oven. If it is giving you any sign that it might be on its last legs, you should take the steps necessary to ensure that your family gathering or social occasion isn’t inconvenienced or ruined by a lack of warm food.

Oven troubles can be caused by a variety of different defects, and some can be easier to detect than others. Additionally, some of them might not present themselves obviously until the big day. Whether you will be cooking the main course, or simply some sides to take to a gathering at a different location, I’m sure you want your food to turn out delicious.  Here are a few of the common problems your oven might experience.

The Oven Does Not Turn On or Does Not Heat

The most obvious problem an oven can experience is simply failing to warm up. This can be caused by the failure of a number of different components, but is typically not too hard to diagnose or fix. Most experienced repairmen should be able to perform a quick diagnostic on the oven, and then let you know what the costs of replacing any needed parts will be. Depending on the type of oven, this could be caused by electrical failure, defective heating elements, or any of several different internal components necessary for the proper functioning of the oven.

Even if you think that you know what the problem could be, it is important to use certified and reputable repairmen when you are looking to fix these problems. Often, inexperienced repairmen will charge you money for things which do not even fix the problem. If they are not able to successfully find the defective element, you could end up sinking a lot of money while getting no benefit. And while no repairman is perfect, experienced and reputable ones will be fair and take responsibility for any problems which occur.

The Oven Heats to The Wrong or Inconsistent Temperatures

A subtler problem which could spell trouble for any holiday plans is if the oven is not heating to the correct temperature, or is not maintaining temperature well. If you use your oven infrequently, or cook the same things in it regularly, you might not notice this. When cooking many things, it can be easy to eyeball whether or not it is completely done, and pull it out once it appears ready. However, for things like a thanksgiving turkey, it is essential that your oven be able to cook at the proper temperature for an extended period of time. If your oven cannot maintain the heat necessary for the complete cooking of the bird, you and your guests could be in for an unpleasant surprise. This is also why it is important to use meat thermometers when cooking such things.

Fixing this problem can again usually be done fairly easily by an experienced technician. Perhaps the temperature sensor is faulty, or the heating elements are not secured properly. These conditions could also cause you to experience your food heating unevenly and inconsistently when in the oven. Either way, I would absolutely recommend that you call an expert to make sure that your oven is in great condition before the holiday in the coming months.

Is It Worth Repairing?

While these problems are typically fixed rather easily, there are also problems which can occur that are typically not worth repairing. For example, if there is an abundance of rust eating away at your oven, or if it is physically deformed due to age, it likely will be difficult to fix. If your oven is particularly old, it might not even have easily accessible replacement parts. If this is the case, you might need to replace the oven with a newer model. Calling an experienced repairman can often help you make this decision, as they will be able to explain to you in detail your options for fixing the oven, and also can walk you through the installation process for purchasing a new one.

Replacing an older oven can have a number of benefits. Not only do newer ovens have many more features, such as controlled delays for cooking, more friendly interfaces, and a greater precision in their heating, but they often are more environmentally friendly. Picking a newer model which uses its energy more efficiently could mean that you save on your electrical or gas bills.

No matter what the problem with your oven is, now is the best time to call and find out what you can do to replace it. You don’t want to wait, as repairmen are frequently busy around the holidays. Call now to schedule a visit from one of our qualified and experienced repairmen.

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