No Hot Water Coming From Washing Machine

Is your washing machine not generating any hot water even after you've adjusted the settings? Most of us are aware that warm water is more effective at removing dirt and stains. After all, the heat naturally loosens up the fabric so the stains will come out. Unfortunately, though, some homeowners may run into the problem of their washing machine only using cold water. While this will still allow you to wash loads of clothes without getting behind, you may find it more difficult to pull stains out of garments. Here we'll take a look at some of the most common reasons why washing machines only use cold water.

Check Water Line

The first thing you'll want to do is check the water valve to ensure the hot (usually red) line is open. As the old saying goes "righty tighty, lefty loosey" holds true for most homes. To open the line, turn the red valve as far right as possible. Many homeowners rush off to the appliance store to purchase a new washing machine when the problem is actually just a closed hot water valve. Once the valve is open, your machine should be able to pull hot water into the drum once again.




Refer To Owner's Manual

You have to remember that not all washing machines will generate hot water immediately after the unit is turned on. Depending on the specific make and model of your unit, it may only use hot water during the rinse cycle. If you haven't already done so, refer to the owner's manual to determine when the hot water is supposed to kick on. It may take some digging, but this information is typically included in every washing machine manual. Check the table of contents first to see if there's a section on water usage. Once you've located the page number, flip to it and scan for details about hot/cold water. Hopefully it will have information on when the unit uses cold water and when it uses hot water. If you are still having trouble with your washing machine not using hot water, try calling a repairman to come out and professionally inspect your unit. Sometimes the issue is related to a broken of malfunctioning part, which can be near impossible for a consumer to find. Of course there's nothing wrong with using your washing machine with only the cold setting during the meantime. In fact, many owners prefer the cold setting over hot because there's less chance of colors bleeding into other clothes.