Make Your Dryer Last!


There is a strong possibility that you are neglecting your appliances in some form or fashion. Not because you are a bad appliance owner, but because you didn’t know the tips and tricks to take the best care of them in between regular maintenance. To get you on the right road, and keep your dryer working it’s best and for as long as it is meant to, try out the following.


Lint Traps Are There For A Reason

If you are one of the people that don’t pay much attention to the lint trap, it is time to make a serious change. Despite what some people think, the lint trap serves a pretty important purpose. The trap cannot catch the lint that is blowing through the machine and ventilation tubes if it is clogged up from the last load…or ten. This can actually become a fire hazard. If all that extra lint clogs up your tubes, they can overheat and catch on fire. Clean out the lint trap before every single load of laundry you do!



Your dyer is not meant to have things piled up around it and behind it. Dryers need room to be ventilated and have enough space to let them cool off. By piling things behind it you are not allowing the dryer to ventilate properly. This can cause lots of problems for your machine and shorten it’s lifespan.


Level Out Your Dryer

Appliances are meant to function on a level surface. This can be hard as some homes do not have the most level flooring. The good news is that appliances typically have twisty feet that will help you keep your machine level even if the floor isn’t. If you have a wobbly corner of your machine, simply twist the leg to the right height to make it not wobbly! Simple fix, big rewards.


Run The Right Size Loads

If you are stuffing your dryer full of clothes, how is it supposed to dry them when it can’t even circulate the air around all the material? Dryers like smaller loads of laundry instead of massive ones. Try to keep your loads to the proper size as it will help your dryer do a better job and last longer.


Doing these types of things can really impact the life of your dryer. It is well worth your time to learn the best ways to do regular maintenance for your appliances such as quick cleanings and simple checks to make sure things are working right. If you notice something off, call a repairman to check it out.

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