Is Your Refrigerator Running?…

Living in the modern world really is a thing of wonders. The basic technology that we take for granted every day is literally, life changing. With so many time-saving appliances, humans have been able to dedicate their time to something other than looking for shelter, hunting, or gathering food. Refrigerators are one of these modern miracles. Being able to cool your food helps to keep it from going to bad as quickly, and can help prevent it from growing bacteria that will make you sick.

Fridges are a bit expensive and come with all sorts of upgrades and styles. Choosing the one that fits your lifestyle and look is only the first step of owning a refrigerator. If you never do any type of maintenance, your fridge is sure to have a shorter life expectancy than if you do make an effort to take good care of it. The science behind a fridge is pretty simply. A compressor circulates refrigerant through a cycle to cool everything off. The hot vapor is cooled off and returned to a liquid where is goes back through the process of absorbing any heat and eventually becoming hot enough to return to a vapor, and the cycle continues!

The compressor works to keep your fridge at the temperature you set it to. The more you open the door, the colder you keep the fridge, and other factors such as leaks in the seals, determines how hard and often your compressor is working. The more it works, the faster it wears out. Keeping the door shut when not in use is a great way to help the compressor not have to work as hard.

Every few months it is a good idea to do a quick cleaning and wipe down of the seals around the fridge’s doors to make sure they are clean and not allowing cold air to escape. Try to pay attention to any areas that are looking worn or cracking. If you do notice some, it might be time to call a repairman to replace the worn seals. This will help save your compressor and save you wasted energy that is escaping and upping your power bill.

Make sure you clean out the back of the machine as well to avoid getting dust and debris piling up behind the fridge and interfering with how the fridge is meant to run.

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