Installing a Refrigerator Water Line

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home constructed within the last two decades, chances are you can hook your refrigerator up to a water line. While it’s not entirely necessary for a refrigerator to function properly, it does allow you to use the built-in automatic ice maker. Without a water line, you’ll have to freeze ice trays if you want to drink your beverages with ice. Thankfully, installing a refrigerator water line is fairly and easy and quick; here’s how you do it:


Benefits of a Refrigerator Water Line

Along with the ability to produce ice, a water line will also allow you to enjoy cold water straight from your refrigerator. Many refrigerators manufacturers in recent years have both ice makers and water dispensers installed on the freezer door. For them to work, though, you have to have a water line connected.

Identify The Water Pipe

First and foremost, you must locate the water delivery pipe near your refrigerator. It should be a small nozzle that usually had a blue strip over it. Unfortunately, some of the older homes may not have one nearby. If this is the case, you’ll have to hire a plumber to come and install one.

What You’ll Need

You can either purchase a refrigerator line kit which includes everything you need, or you can purchase the items separately. I recommend kits, as they’re usually inexpensive and have all the essential items you’ll need to install a water line on your refrigerator. Most kits come with a rubber hose which connects your refrigerator to the water pipe and 2 clamps for securing the hose on each end.

Connecting The Water Line

Pull out your refrigerator and connect the hose on the back of it. Push it on as tightly as you can and then secure it with the metal clamp. Once you’ve finished attaching the hose to the refrigerator, connect the other end to the water pipe. Ensure that both ends are secure with the clamps attached and then turn the water pipe towards the right. If you hear the sound of water rushing through the pipes it means you installed it correctly.

You shouldn’t expect your refrigerator to produce ice just yet, as it will need an hour or so before the cubes are frozen. During this time, you should constantly check behind your refrigerator to make sure there are no leaks present. As long as you haven’t seen any leaks, go ahead and push back your refrigerator after a couple of hours. Congratulations, you’ve just installed a water line!