Importance Of Having The Proper Size HVAC System

In a country where bigger is typically seen as better, as you can see with food portions and other items, it might be tempting to choose a larger heating or cooling system than your house needs. Bigger means more efficiency, right? Better cooling and heating? Wrong! Having the wrong sized system for your house can actually end up costing you a lot more money each month and can add up to thousands of wasted dollars by the end of your system’s life.


A system that is too big for your home will kick on and off repeatedly, this racks up power usage adding a larger charge to your power bill. You can think about this as gas mileage. When you are driving in stop and go traffic it eats up more of your gasoline and wears on your car more than when you are maintaining a speed on the highway.


The system will very likely not heat or cool evenly. This means some rooms might be extra cold or extra hot instead of a comfortable temperature spread throughout your house. Air conditioning units typically also dehumidify the air in your home, keeping the air comfortable to breathe and to be in. When the system is kicking off and on a lot, the air conditioner doesn’t have the time to dehumidify before it turns off again.


If you end up putting in a system that is too small to heat and cool your house, it will be overworked and wear down very quickly. It will not be able to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your family as it is overworking, trying to keep up with the demands of the house and temperature you set for it.


With such an important decision that requires a precise fit to get the best system and keep your bills low, it is well worth it to contact a professional and licensed HVAC contractor that uses the proper calculations to figure out the correct system size for your home. They have been trained on how to properly fit a system to a home to make sure you will get the most out of your system and that you won’t be throwing money out for no reason every month on unnecessarily high power bills for an unsatisfactory system.

There is more to the calculation of what system size is right for your home other than square footage. There are set calculations that will help professional HVAC contractors calculate what system will be the best fit to keep you and your family comfortable and your house at your desired temperature. Ask if the HVAC contractor uses these calculations before hiring them.

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