How to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals don't break down very often but when they do, your sure to notice. Don't run out and buy another one just yet. This article will give you some troubleshooting tips so you can determine what is going on and then give you some ideas on how to repair your disposer.

In most cases, the problem has to do with either something being stuck down in it or a wiring issue. So, let's look at how your garbage disposal is behaving.

When you flip the switch, does it make noise or does it just sit there quietly? If it does not do anything at all, then it may be possible that either it is a wiring problem or it needs a new motor. However, there may be another explanation… there is a small red button on most disposals that is a reset button.

Sometimes, the motor will shut itself down to keep from burning up if something get's in there that the garbage disposal can't handle.




Before going any further, please be sure the power is shut off for safety reasons. When your ready, you will find the button on the bottom of the disposer unit. Push the button until it makes a clicking noise and if your lucky, your disposal will be like new again. Turn the power back on and check your switch. Does it work?

If your garbage disposal is not being quiet, but definitely not normal, then you will just have to investigate a little further. Again, make sure the power supply is shut off. Then reach down inside the garbage disposal and feel around. Usually you can find the spoon or other object that fell down into the garbage disposal. After removing the object, your garbage disposal should be working again.

If your disposal is making buzzing or humming sounds instead of a large clanking noise, then you may have something that is stuck in the grinding part of the unit. You will need a hexagonal wrench (that hopefully came with your garbage disposal when you bought it). If you don't have one, check under the sink and take a look at the hexagonal hole. Your going to need to purchase (or borrow) a hex wrench that fits the size of the hole. Once you have the wrench and have made sure the power is off, then you can use the hexagonal wrench to work the grinding unit back and forth until it turns easily. Once you have done that, turn the power back on and check your disposal. Hopefully, it is now running.

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