How To Prevent Wrinkled Clothes From Coming Out The Dryer

There's nothing worse than pulling a load of clothes out the dryer only to find out that they are a wrinkled mess. As a result, you're then forced to spend extra time and energy ironing your clothes. This is an all-too-common problem that many people face, but thankfully it's usually fixable. If you're wondering what causes clothes to get wrinkled in the dryer and how you can prevent it, keep reading and we'll reveal everything you need to know.


Before we start, it's important to note that the problem typically isn't the dryer but rather the way they are being washed and dried. Some people may hastily replace their dryer when their clothes start coming out wrinkled only to discover that wasn't the problem. Instead, you have to take a step back at your washing and drying process to see what's causing the wrinkles to develop. Even if you're doing things by the book, chances are there's something in this process that's leading to wrinkled clothes, and it's up to you to find out what it is.



You may not realize it, but over-drying a load of clothes can result in wrinkles. The reason for this is simply because the extra heat causes the current wrinkles to set in rather than dissipate. Try to get into the habit of only drying your clothes once, as this will prevent them from over-drying. In the event that some of the clothes are still damp, you should remove the dry ones and run the damp ones on a the tumble-dry setting one time.

Not Removing Clothes Fast Enough

I think we've all been guilty of letting our clothes sit in the dryer too long after they are done. While this may not seem like that much of an issue, it can cause wrinkles to develop in your clothes. When you hear the buzzer go off telling you that the clothes are done, take them out immediately and either hang them up or put them where they go. You'll find that your clothes are far less likely to get wrinkled if you put them up right after they are done drying.

Drying Too Many at Once

Another common reason why some people find their clothes wrinkled is because they dry too many at once. When there's too many clothes in the dryer, there's no room for them to go; therefore, they develop wrinkles. Check your unit to see exactly how many clothes it can handle in a load and don't go over that amount.