How to Make Your Washer Last Longer.

If washing machines came cheap, we would not have to worry about keeping them in top shape all the time. But since they usually cost an arm and a leg (especially the high efficiency ones), we would like to ensure that they run smoothly for a long time. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some washer users.

Most of us encounter washer problems at one time or another. Some of them can be fixed pronto while others take time before it can be resolved. Of course, you need a durable washer to begin with. No amount of fixing can make a faulty machine function properly. So when you buy a washer, get those heavy duty ones.

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Here are some tips you would surely want to incorporate in your clothes washing regimen:

Refrain from using too much detergent.


I too relied on the knowledge that a washer needs to form a lot of suds to be able to efficiently clean my clothes. But that knowledge is history. Most of the washers today are highly efficient and they require less use of detergent. That is because their cleaning action is way better than the others.

Using too much detergent will form too much suds. This will then confuse the functions of a washer. Also, detergent suds can accumulate on the walls of the tub and will result to a smelly and dirty washer.

Do not overwork your machine.

Stick to its capacity and never stuff clothes that will overwork it. Putting too much clothes in the laundry will just mess up with its functions. Also, it will not wash your clothes evenly and efficiently.

Regularly clean your machine.

It cleans your clothes but it also needs some cleaning of its own. Make sure you check the filters for debris accumulation. Also, check the drainage system if it is working well. Moisture left in your washer will lead to development of molds and will then lead to a smelly washer.

Test the attachments. Make sure no cord or hose comes loose. Place the washer on a sturdy platform so it will work seamlessly.

When you buy a washer, also see to it that you are getting a good warranty deal. If you encounter a problem with your washer that is beyond you, it is comforting to know that you have the manufacturing company's help to back you up.

Consider all these tips in ensuring the long and lasting life of your precious washing machine.

For all of your Atlanta Washer  Repair Or Dryer Repair Needs – Call All Area Appliance at 770-707-1600 for a same day appointment