How to AVOID needing appliance repair on your Microwave Oven.

A  microwave oven forms an essential part of any kitchen. In order to keep it running and to help avoid having an appliance repair, you should maintain your oven properly.

Here are a few basic tips on taking care and maintaining your microwave oven. Maintaining Microwave Ovens

  • Any food that is being put in the oven should be covered; you can use paper towels, some covering dish or even wax paper. This way the oven is kept clean by avoiding splatters. If any spills occur, clean them immediately. The microwave oven should also be washed regularly using water and some mild detergent. Avoid using abrasive products to clean your oven.
  • Use warm water and baking soda to remove odors and clean the microwave oven's interior.
  • Your  oven should never be used to boil eggs, deep frying anything or heating bottles for infants.
  • Making popcorn causes a huge buildup of heat inside the microwave oven, so you should be extremely careful.
  • You should only use utensils and bowls that are microwave safe. A few plastics can melt inside the oven. Try using glass utensils, especially if what you are heating will take some time. Test all your glassware to see if it is safe for use in the microwave.


  • The microwave should never be operated empty. At times the magnetron tube can be damaged.
  • If the microwave's inner body has rusted, you should get it repaired and checked by a servicing company that is reputable.
  • Follow all the instructions provided in the manual. This will help in ensuring that the microwave is operated safely.
  • Avoid using aluminum foils and metal pans inside the microwave.

Keep these few tips in mind while you use you microwave. This will ensure your safety and help to avoid having to have an appliance repair.

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