How To Avoid Needing A Dryer Repair

Consumers dread when they need to have a clothes dryer repair. The best advice for consumers to avoid a clothes dryer repair is to take care of this often used appliance. However, if it is broken or not working at full capacity it needs to be repaired – don't delay. It is estimated by fire department professionals that over fifteen thousand fires a year can be linked to clothes dryers.

There are some tips for preventing damage. First, clean the lint trap thoroughly after each load of clothes. Always double check for any items that may have fallen out of pockets. Items such as coins or buttons could cause rattling and possibly cause damage to the appliance. Also ensure that the unit's feet are level to prevent excessive wear due to unbalanced wobbling.

Overloading dryers with too many clothes is not a good idea. Wet clothes are very heavy and this can cause undue stress on the motor. Occasionally, if the washer is also malfunctioning, the clothes will be water logged. Make sure not to put water logged clothes into dryers. The excess water can accumulate in the vent and cause mold to grow. It is recommended to have a professional come in and do a thorough cleaning of all ducts and vents to reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Dirty vent lines are the leader in what causes breakdowns of these appliances. Dirty vents prevent dryers from drying effectively, hindering its ability to dry clothes. It takes much longer to dry a load of clothes when the vent is dirty. Then the clothes may feel hot and wet after the dryer stops – not dry. Dirty vents also contribute to premature malfunction of the heating element and motor. Not to mention that this problem also increases the cost per load to the consumer.


Clothes dryers will need to be repaired at some point. The best plan of action when this happens is to call a professional repairman. Professional repairmen get the job done right the first time. Normally, they guarantee their work too. Unskilled people trying to do their own repairs without the right tools can lead to more expenses when something else ends up broken.

Performing maintenance on dryers, or any other appliance, takes professional training and specialized tools. Why risk ruining the unit trying to figure out what is wrong, when a repairman can troubleshoot and fix it in half the time and half the stress.

It doesn't matter whether it is a gas or electric unit. It can be dangerous for an untrained person to attempt any kind of repair. Even small electrical outlets have enough power in them to kill a person.

So the best option is to prevent needing a dryer repair. If consumers keep the unit vents clean and do not overload it, repairs can be kept to a minimum. Proper preventative maintenance can prevent the possibility of fire. Have a repairman check out the vents and ducts for cleanliness. When repairs are needed, it's wise to find a professional. This will get the job done right without injury to anyone.