How To a Install Water Filter on Your Refrigerator

A water filtration system will allow you and your family to enjoy fresh clean drinking water without worrying about dangerous parasites, microorganisms and other chemicals that oftentimes linger in the municipal water systems. However, many individuals run into trouble installing them in a traditional refrigerator. If you’re interested in using a water filter on your refrigerator, keep reading and we’ll walk you through the necessary steps.


Benefits of a Refrigerator Water Filter

The primary benefit of a refrigerator water filter is the ability to remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in the water. Chlorine and other chemicals are used by water treatment plants to counteract these dangers, but it isn’t always effective. There have been several cases which tens of thousands of city residents became sick after drinking tap water. Of course you can always buy bottled water, but a less expensive, more environmentally-friendly alternative is to install a water filter on your refrigerator. In addition, to remove toxins and dangerous parasites, it will make your water taste better as well.


All refrigerators are made differently, so you’ll need to write down the manufacturer and serial number of your refrigerator to find a suitable filter. With this information in hand, take a trip to your local home improvement store and ask someone there to help you find a water filter for your specific refrigerator. Compare the different types with the employee and choose the one that sounds best for you and your family.

Installing It

You’ll have to read the water filter’s instruction manual carefully to ensure you install it properly. Typically, it involves cutting out a piece of the water pipe and replacing it with the filtration system. Before you can do this, make sure the water is turned completely off at the water meter. Once your water is off, cut the necessary length of the pipe, sand it down and replace it with the filtration system. Make sure you’ve screwed the nuts on securely to prevent any leakage and then turn your water back on. Closely inspect it to ensure there’s no water leaking out from the sides. If everything looks good, stick a cup up to your refrigerator and pour a glass.

A refrigerator water filter is a small investment that offers healthier, tastier water for you and your family. Although installing one does require a little bit of work, it’s a fairly straightforward process as long as you follow the directions mentioned here.