How The Self-Cleaning Feature Can Lock Up an Oven

The self-cleaning feature that some ovens have is a useful tool that can make cleaning ten times easier. Instead of trying to scrape off burnt food particles and residue, you can let the self-cleaning tool run for the necessary duration. As a result, it will leave behind a pile of ash in the bottom of your oven that can be swept out with a small hand broom. There's no need to try and scrub the insides of the oven down, as the self-cleaning feature will generate extremely high temperatures capable of melting off even the most stubborn food particles. However, one of the most common complaints by users trying to clean their ovens with this feature is that their oven no longer works after it's done. If this has happened to you, keep reading and we'll reveal some possible solutions for the problem.


First and foremost, you must understand the basic fundamentals of the self-cleaning feature on an oven to fix the problem at hand. As stated above, it uses extreme heat to burn off food and grime that's stuck to the insides of the oven. Now, to prevent fires and ensure the safety of those inside the home, most ovens automatically lock when the self-cleaning feature is on. Even if you try to pull open the oven, it will likely be locked in a manner that prevents you from doing so. This is perfectly find in most cases, as you shouldn't need to use your oven while it's cleaning anyway. The problem, though, is that it can get stuck in this position and not turn on properly when you go to use it.

Some older model ovens may have broken or damaged parts that allow the user to open the oven door while it's still self-cleaning. If you happen to open it while it's cleaning, there's a chance it will "think" something is wrong and prevent you from using it in the future. Unfortunately, this problem is hard to detect without a professional, but you can however look closely around the door edges for a small latch. Try pressing down on the latch and then seeing if your oven will turn on. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a latch that didn't go back to its original position after the self-cleaning feature went off.

If you've tried the above and still can't get your oven to turn on, try flipping the circuit breaker it's attached to. If the self-cleaning feature drew too much energy, there's a chance it could have tripped the breaker; therefore, flipping it off and back on may result in your oven working again.