Garbage Disposal Repair For The Homeowner

There comes a time when all homeowners have something go wrong with some appliance or gadget in the house. Most homeowners would just pick up the phone and call a repairman. The cost of some appliance repairs are very costly and they are really not that difficult to do yourself. Most people are just a little afraid of a garbage disposal repair or any repair because there is knowledge of the appliance involved and not many folks have that knowledge.

There is no need to fear for lack of knowledge because the repair plans are always available either in the instruction packet or you can obtain them online. Study the repair manual and clean an area for you to do your work. Take time to find out what is wrong with the disposal. Perhaps it is just jammed or maybe it has developed a leak or many times it is on but nothing is happening or maybe it isn't getting rid of the waste properly and there may be various other problems.

Take the first problem as perhaps the disposal is jammed. This problem isn't as bad as you may think. You can take a small wrench and go to the bottom center of the disposal and wiggle the wrench back and forth. You may be able to dislodge the jam this way. Take precaution and check out your work. Hopefully you have been successful.

These are all common problems with garbage disposals and all can usually be fixed by the homeowner with out the cost of hiring a professional repairman. Perhaps you have discovered a leak. Check to see where the water is coming from. If the leak is coming from the drain pipe by the disposal you can probably fix the problem with a gasket. If the leak is coming from the inside of the appliance, you will most likely need to be replacing the whole unit.




If you can turn on the unit but nothing happens, then you should check the bottom of the unit. You should see a red button which is the reset button. Press the button and try the unit once again. It should work if it is not jammed. If it still doesn't work, try the instructions for jammed units and that should clear the problem.

If your unit isn't disposing of food waste properly, that may be a real problem and you may need to be replacing your unit. Disposals aren't made to last forever and they do need to be replaced once in awhile. Remember, there could be a minor clog in the blades but usually the problem is the unit has used up its useful life and needs to be replaced.

Just remember also, the disposal unit is nothing to fear. It usually can be repaired and repaired very easily. Tell yourself you can do this. After all it is just a little metal jug.

So with the repair manual in hand and a little time to spare, you should be able do a job just about as good as the professional. Never fear, just give it a try. Garbage disposal repair could cost quite a bit for professional repairs and the problem may not yet be fixed.