Frost Developing on Freezer Walls

Have you noticed frost developing on the walls inside your freezer? While some owners may brush it off as a non-concerning issue, the fact is that frost can lead to unpleasant odor and even damage to your freezer or refrigerator. Immediately after finding frost on your freezer walls, you should try to find out what's causing it and fix the problem; otherwise, it's likely to continue to get worse until you find yourself in a troublesome situation. Thankfully, however, it's usually an easy fit that just about every homeowner can do without much time or energy; here's how:


High Humidity

One of the most common causes of frost developing inside a freezer is directly related to high humidity. If the humidity inside or even outside the freezer is too high, the extra moisture in the air will cause frost to develop. So how exactly are you supposed to prevent this from happening? Some refrigerators and freezers have built-in humidity controls that allow you to lower or raise the humidity as you see fit. Check the inside of your device and look for a knob that's labeled "humidity." If you find one, try lowering it down a bit to see if it the frost goes away.

If you're unable to find a humidity control for your refrigerator or freezer, you place a dehumidifier next to the unit to see if it helps. Even though it's not going to regulate the air inside your freezer, it will reduce the humidity in the air surrounding it, which should directly affect it. You can find dehumidifiers available at most home improvement stores and Wal-Mart.

Warm Food

Another common cause of freezer frost is placing food that's still warm in the freezer without letting it cool off. You have to remember that hot and warm food contains more moisture than food that's cooled off; therefore, the extra moisture will evaporate into your freezer where it sticks to the walls and forms frost. If you have leftovers from dinner and want to freeze them, leave them out at room temperature for a while until they cool off. This alone could be the sole cause of your freezer frost, but it's an easy fix if you refrain from placing hot foot in your freezer.

If you've tried everything listed above and still can't get the frost in your freezer to go away, the problem could be mechanical, at which point you'll need a professional repairman to come out and inspect your unit.