Front Loading Laundry Machines: Why You Should Get Them


Most people are quite familiar with the routine of doing laundry and the tasks involved, but how often do you stop to think about your machine? What type of machines do you have? A top loading washer is the classic, but front loading machines seem to be the way of the future. Why, do you ask? Here are some of the many reasons you should consider an upgrade for a front loading laundry set instead of your outdated set.


For one, having a set of front loading laundry machines allows for you to save space. This is a particularly important benefit for those that are living in smaller homes or apartments. Being able to stack the machines instead of having them side-by-side is sure to afford you some extra storage.


Not only can these improved and highly efficient machines save you space, they can also save you money. That’s right, money. New high efficiency machines are specifically designed to cut back on the water usage of the machine. This racks up quite a bit when you do the math. Old school machines used up to forty gallons of water per load. Front loading machines chops that usage in half, using only about twenty gallons per load. You will thank yourself later when you are enjoying a consistently lower water bill.


High efficiency machines are also made to reduce electricity usage. This means you will also see savings on your power bill. Front loading machines typically also squeeze out more water on their spin cycles which means less drying time and continued savings for less power to your dryer!


For those that are trying to be more responsible when it comes to the way they treat the planet and develop more eco-friendly habits, front loading machines are a great choice. You will feel better every time you do your laundry knowing that you are using less water, less power and less product as high efficiency machines call for less product formulated specifically for high efficiency machines.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of investing in new machines yet, there is yet another benefit you can look forward to. These machines can actually help make your clothes last longer! Since a front loading machine spins around and allows the clothes to be washed without being pulled and stretched, you may notice that your clothes stay like-new longer. Sign me up!

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