Electric vs Gas Stove – Which One is Better?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a new stove, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want it powered by gas or electric. Most households use a stove more than any other appliance in the kitchen, and as such, this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using both an electric and gas stove.


Electric Stove

Many individuals prefer the use of electric stoves over gas ones for a number of reasons. Having owned and used both types, I can say there are both up’s and down’s to both types of stoves.

The greatest benefit to using an electric stove is the simple fact that all it requires is a standard electrical outlet. In the event you want to remodel or rearrange your kitchen, you can move your stove wherever there’s a free outlet. Just plug it in, turn it on and start cooking with it! Moving a gas stove is much more difficult, as you may need to run a new gas line to a different area in your home.

Another benefit to using an electric stove is the price. While there are always exceptions, most electric stoves are less expensive than gas stoves.

Gas Stoves

Now that you’ve read why so many people use electric stoves, you’re probably wondering why anyone would even want a gas stove. Well, one of the advantages with a gas stove is the speed at which it heats up. You can literally turn it on and have it ready to cook in under a minute. On the other hand, an electric stove takes several minutes before the coils are warm enough to boil water or heat a skillet.

Another lesser known advantage to using a gas stove is the cost of using it. Yes, the stove itself will cost more than an electric model, but using it will be cheaper in the long run. As you may already know, natural gas prices have been going down, while electric prices are continuing to rise. A gas stove will save you money by taking advantage of the low cost of natural gas.

Like most things in life, there are pro’s and con’s to gas and electric stoves. Hopefully you have a better understanding as to which one is right for you after reading this post. Above all else, though, remember to choose one that’s going to offer you and your family the best level of cooking.