Easy Ways to Keep your Dishwasher Smelling Fresh

It's easy to love a new dishwasher, which is typically free of odors and running smoothly. However, as dishwashers begin to accumulate dishes and food particles, many of them start to smell or produce less than clean dishes. With three simple steps, you can keep your dishwasher clean and odor-free. 

 Start with the outside

We all get preoccuped with the inside of the dishwasher. However, the outside of the dishwasher can also get dirty and start producing unpleasant odors. Food sometimes drips down from the counter and sticks to the dishwasher. These food particles can be easily removed with hot soapy water or a glass cleaner. The soapy water works better for plastic surfaces and the glass cleaner is good for stainless steel finishes. 

Clean the Filter

If you purchased a newer dishwasher, it is likely that it will have a filter to catch stray food particles. Filters are currently popular because the dishwashers are quieter. Other models have a blade that pulverizes food into small enough bits to fit down the pipes. This is convenient, but loud. Older models with the blades do not require filter cleaning, but newer models might. If your dishwasher is whisper-quiet, there is probably a filter in it. If there is a filter, it is likely to be the source of unpleasant smells. 

To remove the smells, it's necessary to clean the filter of food particles. The filter will probably be located at the bottom of the dishwasher. There is sometimes a central cylinder that can help you identify it. If you pull the center cylinder apart, there are usually small parts to clean inside. A brush can be helpful in cleaning the metal mesh that filters typically use. 

Clean Cycle with White Vinegar

Dishwashers can be run through the wash cycle without dishes for the purposes of cleaning. Sometimes just running the dishwasher empty is enough to clean it of unpleasant odors. We recommend cleaning the filter first though. If running the dishwasher empty doesn't rid it of unpleasant smells, try filling a bowl with white vinegar and placing it in the center of the dishwasher. As the wash cycle starts, the white vinegar will be dispersed around the dishwasher, cleaning surfaces and killing odors. 

Having a clean dishwasher doesn't have to be an unpleasant undertaking. Wiping down the surface keeps the dishwasher looking fresh and sparkly. For better smells inside the dishwasher, make sure to empty the filter (if you have one) regularly. We recommend emptying it once a week for normal household use. If you have no filter, you can skip straight to the washing cycle with white vinegar. A bowl of white vinegar keeps the dishwasher fresh without using harsh detergents like bleach. With these simple steps, your dishwasher will always look and smell just like new. 

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