Dryer is Hot But Not Drying

Is your dryer getting hot but not drying the clothes after you turn it on? It can certainly make life pretty miserable when your dryer stops working and you’re forced to line-dry all of your clothes. However, the good news is that your dryer probably isn’t broken, so you won’t have to go out any buy a new model. Instead, follow the steps listed below to see if you can identify and fix the problem yourself.


Lint Filter

Some models simply wont dry if the lint filter isn’t plugged in all the way. If you recently cleaned it and left on the kitchen counter or somewhere else, go find it, plug it back in and try to run the dryer again. I know this sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to forget the little things like the lint filter, especially when you can’t tell if it’s plugged in or not. Try to get in the habit of checking and cleaning the lint filter each time before using your dryer. Doing so will ensure that your dryer works properly and help reduce the risk of a fire developing.

Clogged Exhaust Vent

The most likely scenario for a dryer not drying properly is a clogged exhaust vent. Even if your lint filter is clean, some lint and debris will make it past and try to exit through the exhaust vent. Typically, no harm comes from this, but sometimes it can build up and prevent the air from leaving your dryer. To determine if this is the problem, unplug your dryer and disconnect the vent. Now reach up in there as far as you can and pull out any hard clumps you feel. Hopefully there will only be clumps of lint stuck in the vent, but it’s not uncommon to find coins, pens and even articles of clothing. After you’ve done this, go to the outside of your house where the vent exits and make sure there nothing is obstructing it. Furniture, grills or yard debris can sometimes cover up the exhaust vent, preventing it from working properly.

When your dryer is getting hot but not drying the clothes as it should, it’s usually because of a clogged exhaust vent or filter that’s out of place. Follow the steps above to ensure the problem isn’t related to either of these. In the event that your dryer still isn’t working, call a professional technician to come out and inspect it.