Dishwasher Valve Leak

Have you noticed water leaking out or pooling up underneath your dishwasher? While this problem could simply be caused from water splashing out of the sink, it could also be a sign of a broken or damaged valve. Either way, it's important to identify and directly fix the problem to prevent it from occurring again.


Why Fixing a Dishwasher Valve Leak Is Important

The main reason why it's important to fix a dishwasher valve leak is to prevent damage to the surrounding floor. If you allow water to pool up and sit on hardwood or laminate flooring, it will eventually warp and even rot, which is something no homeowner wants to happen. The cost of removing and installing new hardwood floor in the kitchen alone can easy run well over $1,500 depending on how large your kitchen is. After you notice the water leaking out your dishwasher, you should immediately clean up as much as you can with a towel. If it continues to leak, keep a dry towel around the area to soak up any water.

Of course another reason why it's important to fix the valve leak in your dishwasher is so it will work more efficiently. If the water is constantly leaking out of it, then common sense should tell you that there's no water inside to clean your dishes. Once you fix the problem, you'll likely notice that your machine cleans and functions better.

Identify The Problem

It's oftentimes difficult to identify the exact cause of a leaking dishwasher. Typically, though, the reason is related to a loose or broken fitting around the valve. Before calling a professional to come out and service your unit, open up your dishwasher and do a quick inspection. See if you can find any nuts or fittings that have either come completely off or that are loose. If you do, try to place them back on the valve where they are intended to go. After placing the piece back on, try running a quick cycle without any dishes to see whether or not you've fixed the problem. If it continues to leak, then you'll need to hire a professional to come out and service your unit.

Be sure to tell the professional everything you know about your leaking dishwasher problem. Tell them when it first occurred, where it leaks and how severe the leaks are. The more information you can relay to them, the better.