Determine the Right Place for Your Laundry Room

It's always disappointing to homeowners when they put a shiny new washer and dryer set in a dingy basement. When purchasing a new set, it may be a good opportunity to relocate your laundry room to a more convenient spot. A dedicated laundry room can be an asset to the current homeowners, saving time and walks up and down the stairs. But a laundry room also makes a home more desirable to future buyers. Planning the perfect dedicated laundry room can take some effort, but it just might make using your new washer and dryer more affordable. 

A dedicated laundry room should have the following:

Access to Electricity and Plumbing

Many homeowners simply exchange the location of the old washer and dryer with the new ones. A benefit of this approach is that all of the electrical and plumbing equipment is already installed. However, turning a new area into a dedicated laundry room requires a bit more effort. New plumbing may have to be installed. 

Solid Flooring

Washers and dryers often end up in basements on concrete floors. This is a safe option because some models vibrate. Relocating the laundry room requires verifying that the floor joists can handle the additional weight. Homeowners should also look for low vibration models if they are concerned about the flooring. 


These appliances can be loud sometimes. A good laundry room keeps the noise levels low. Highly insulated rooms could be a good choice for a new laundry room. New insulation can be added to dampen the noise as well. 


Your new laundry room should be able to handle a flood, just in case. Most dedicated laundry rooms have a curb at the threshold, which keeps water from exiting the room. A small drain is installed in the floor, so that the water can run out. While it's unlikely that your new appliance will flood, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

It can be a costly business to relocate a laundry room to a more convenient space. One way to reduce costs is to install the new laundry suite next to the kitchen. The plumbing and electric lines can be shared with the kitchen appliances, like the oven and the dishwasher. Hiring a professional for some of the work is required, but homeowners can hang drywall or repaint the area themselves to save money. Once the laundry room and new appliances are installed, the value of the home may increase. Plus, doing laundry may become a more manageable and convenient chore. 


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