Comparing The Pros and Cons of Liquid vs Powder Dish Detergent

Purchasing a new type of dish detergent isn't a decision that should be made lightly. If you've ever made the mistake of buying a cheap dollar store brand detergent, you probably know just how bad of a cleaning job some of the low-quality detergents can do. Instead of having your dishes come up sparkly-clean, they'll come out with food particles, smudges and even detergent residue left on them. When choosing a dish detergent, you'll have to decide whether you want a liquid or powder type. While both of them can be used to effectively clean your dishes, there are some notable differences between the two.

Liquid Detergent

Although they are generally the least expensive, liquid detergents can lead to some troubling experiences for some users. In the past, most people used liquid detergents to wash their dishes, as they were cheap, effective and easy to use. The problem with their use, however, is that they can stick to the gears and parts inside the dishwasher, causing them to malfunction and not work like they should. Of course most people probably will never experience this type of problem with liquid detergent, but it can happen. Personally, I don't recommend taking the chance with liquid detergent when there are so many safer and more effective alternatives available.


Powder Detergent

A better choice is to clean your dishes using powder detergent. You'll generally spend a little bit more on this type of detergent than you would liquid, but its well worth the extra money. Once hot water mixes with the powder detergent, it creates a sudsy cleaning cocktail that makes quick work of even the dirtiest dishes. Unlike liquid detergent, powder brands don't leave behind a sticky residue that can damage your dishwasher, which is just another one of the benefits associated with their use.

While most people choose to either use a powder or liquid detergent in their dishwasher, there are now tabs available as well. These are small ball-like packets that you simply drop into your dishwasher before turning it on. The advantage to using tab detergents is their ease-of-use, as you simply drop them into the dishwasher. The downside to their use, however, is the high cost that's generally a good deal more than both liquid and powder detergents. If you have the extra money and are looking for a quick and easy way to wash your dishes, then tabs might be just what you need. On the other hand, you'll want to stick with powder detergent if you're trying to save money.