Refrigerator Repair

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Staffed with expert technicians who can handle any kind of household appliance problem, including Atlanta refrigerator repair, All Area Appliance Repair is the Big Peach’s one-stop fixit shop.

We promise honest job appraisals, timely service, and affordable pricing unsurpassed across the city.


Our Atlanta refrigerator repair services all brands and types of refrigerators including built-in, side-by-side, bottom mount, and under-the-counter designs.

At All Area, we recognize that refrigerators are expensive – repair is usually a better alternative to replacement.

A Broken Refrigerator: An Inconvenience and a Safety Hazard

Refrigeration is one of the mainstays of our human lifestyle, so it’s easy to see how important it is to have a working refrigerator in the home – and how inconvenient it can be when it breaks down.   Some of the symptoms your refrigerator might be showing are:

  • Food Not getting cold enough – this is a big concern as the safety of your food can be affected.
  • Fan Making Noise  – This can be caused by dust, buildup of residue on the motor
  • Freezer not making ice – this is a common problem and can be caused by numerous reasons

But there’s a safety issue too. Refrigeration helps us preserve food, so we worry less about food-borne illnesses.

Cold temperatures slow down the bacteria present in all foods, meaning your food stays edible for twice as long – until your refrigerator breaks down.

For the best in Atlanta refrigerator repair, don’t throw out your fridge. Save money – let All Area take care of the problem.

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