4 Common Appliances You Might Have to Repair

4 Common Appliances You Might Have to RepairToday, no home is complete without the proper appliances. Appliances make it easier for homeowners to complete daily tasks and make chores simpler and faster. While the number of appliances that homeowners have to choose from is virtually limitless, there are some that are common in the majority of homes.

1. The Garbage Disposal

As of 2009, roughly half of all homes in the United States had garbage disposal units installed, which was significantly higher than the United Kingdom, where just 6 percent did. Though they are a helpful tool that makes some household duties less demanding, even the strongest and most reliable garbage disposal units can break or get clogged without the proper use and maintenance. In order to avoid that problem, homeowners should try to learn a little bit about garbage disposal maintenance. Taking the time to do so can go a long way towards helping homeowners avoid needing costly advanced appliance repairs.




2. Refrigerators

The predecessor to the modern refrigerator was the ice box, a cabinet that was packed with insulating materials and filled with blocks of ice daily by the ice man. Today, the average refrigerator will last between 15 and 19 years, and makes it easier than ever for people to keep food items cold and fresh.

3. Washing Machines

In the average American home, washing machines account for almost a quarter of the total water that is used. While they make it easy to do laundry, there are lots of problems that could go wrong with a washing machine. So being aware of local washing machine repair services is a good idea for any homeowner who wants to avoid having to spend time at the laundromat.

4. Gas Burning Stoves

By 1930, gas burning stoves outnumbered wood or coal burning stoves two to one. While the advantage to wood burning stoves could be both cost and the smell of wood burning throughout a home, which some people enjoy, gas stoves are generally easier to use. Unfortunately, like other appliances, there is a lot that can go wrong with gas stoves, and when something does, a repair service might be needed. Gas leaks can be dangerous and inefficiencies can waste money, so repairing a stove quickly is a must.