Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling Properly?

Why Is My Fridge Not Cooling Properly?


Having an appliance that is not working how it should be negates the whole purpose of having the appliance. Appliances are meant to make life easier, speed up household tasks, and leave more time for other things. Your fridge is no exception which makes it particularly annoying when it is not cooling off like it should. Not only are you out a rather important appliance for a while but all your groceries could be ruined if the problem isn’t solved quickly enough.


Here are a few things you can check out on your own before calling a service and repair man to save on money and hopefully save your groceries.


The first things you are going to want to check are the basic things that sometimes we forget when we are in a panic about something not working. First, if the unit is not working at all, make sure that the plug didn’t come out of its socket. For whatever reason, unplugging and plugging things back in can sometimes solve all your problems.


The next thing to do while you are back there, is to take a look and see if everything is clean, it could probably use a quick dust if you are anything like the majority of other people. It can mess with the cooling process if too much dust or debris is blocking air flow. Take a moment to vacuum out from behind the fridge to get rid of dust bunnies.


You are also going to want to check the temperature dial or gage in the fridge. Was it messed with? Is it on the proper setting for cooling to the desired temperature? Next take a look at the seals around your fridge door. You will be looking for any cracks or places the seal is not holding a proper seal. This can cause your fridge to be losing the cool air even as it is producing it.


If you want to, you can take the time to fully defrost your fridge and freezer unit, give it a good clean (make sure it is unplugged at this point), and then plug it back in to see if it starts cooling correctly. Some models have a fan that directs cool air to the fridge from the freezer area and sometimes it can freeze over making it not work correctly.


Beyond these simple fixes and checks, you will probably want to call a technician who can properly diagnose the problem and facilitate the ordering of parts that may be needed and other such things. They will be able to more thoroughly check coolants, coils, and the fans to find the part that is not working right. We are happy to help you solve any of your appliance problems, call us today!

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