Understanding Your Dryer

Understanding Your Dryer

When it comes to the appliances and things that we use regularly, it is always a good idea to have at least a basic understanding of what they do and how they do it. This can help us avoid simple problems that come from not understanding basic things that can prevent them from doing what they are designed to do. Dryers, obviously, dry things. Well, they do when they are working properly and being used correctly. So how does a clothes dryer do what it does? Here is a brief explanation of that very thing. Being familiar with this can help you to diagnose a problem when it happens as well!


The operation of a dryer is really quite simple. Air is taken in through the air intake duct that is located at the back of the machine and typically passes over and through the motor, which helps keep it cool as it is runningl. After making it through there, the air goes through the heater and is warmed or heated to the appropriate temperature which is set depending on what setting the dryer is placed on. Placing the dryer on the appropriate temperature and setting for the clothes that are in the load you are currently doing is important to help keep your clothes in good condition. The hot air is forced through the clothes in the dryer, wicking away and drying extra moisture as the drum tumbles the clothes around, allowing air to get to all the clothing.


After this, the air goes out through the air duct positioned at the back of the machine and passes through the lint filter and usually out of the house. This air flow system demonstrates why it is so completely vital that you don’t operate a machine that is not properly hooked up to a vent. If the wet air and lint that is exiting the dryer has nowhere to go except near the dryer, it is going to get sucked back into the machine. This can create a lint buildup on the motor and is a fire hazard and at the very least can cause the motor to quit or burn up before its time.


By taking the time to get a basic understanding of what a dryer does and how it works helps us understand why it is so important to make sure there is adequate space between the machine and the wall to allow for proper airflow. It also helps us to understand potential hazards that come from improper use and how to avoid them.

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