Tips To Dry Your Clothes Faster

Tips To Dry Your Clothes Faster


Dryers have been revolutionary in speeding up the laundry process. You don’t have to take the time to hang out the clothes to dry, wait for them to dry, take them off the line, fold and put away. These days all you have to do is toss them from the washer to the dryer and there you have it. Push a button and soon you will have warm, soft, and snuggly clothes to put away! As innovative and speedy as it is, we all know what it is like to be waiting on a dryer so we can put on the pants we need, or get that shirt out that we just have to wear tonight. So how can you speed up the drying time even more you ask? We are here to give you some ideas.


One of the quickest ways to get that needed clothes item dry and out in a hurry is to place the needed item in the dryer with a large DRY towel or small DRY blanket. By adding this dry item you are helping separate the moisture out of the wet item or items and helping everything to dry more quickly. To go along with this, if you are in a hurry for just a few things out of the load of laundry that just finished washing, only place those clothes in the dryer and try placing the dryer on auto high heat for about fifteen minutes as this can usually wick out the moisture in a few clothes pretty quickly.


A common problem that prevents loads of laundry from drying properly and within an acceptable amount of time is that they are too wet when you take them from the washer and put them in the dryer. Instead of just accepting that your clothes won’t be dry for six hours, run an extra spin cycle on the washer before placing the load in the dryer. Reducing the amount of moisture the dryer has to take out of the clothes reduces the time it takes to dry the items.


Make sure to clean out the lint trap and vents to make sure air is circulating properly in your dryer as well. This can be a big factor leading to longer or shorter drying times, not to mention not properly cleaning out the vents and lint trap can be dangerous and make repairs and service calls more necessary. It is also highly important to ensure that the dryer is pulled out from the wall a decent distance as the circulation of air flow around the unit is vital to a machine that functions properly.

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