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Something Not Working? Don’t Panic, Check For These Simple Fixes

Something Not Working? Don’t Panic, Check For These Simple Fixes

On days the temperature is reaching into the hundreds, your a/c not working will probably feel like an emergency and you will be tempted to reach for the phone to call in the professionals to fix everything and restore the cool air flowing into your home. Calling a repairman is great, and we love to help you fix anything that is not working properly, but there are a few things you can check before calling an appliance company. This will save you time and money and avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. Believe it or not, sometimes it is as easy as checking the power cord.


The very first thing to check is that there is electrical power going to your house. If the power is out there isn’t much a service call will do to help until power is restored. Always check the power cord and make sure it is securely plugged in to an appropriate outlet if you have a mobile unit. The same goes for any of the other appliances you have in your home. Turning things off and on again really does wonders.


Another important thing to check is your circuit breakers if you have no power to your machine but there is power in other areas of the house. Something may have tripped the breaker and there is no longer power running to your unit. If so, flip the breaker back to on, and see if the machine comes back to life.


For anything with an intake or filter, make sure that you are giving the appliance room to breathe and circulate air around the unit. Make it a habit to clean out the filters and behind appliances even if they are in tight spaces. Doing so will keep your machines running better and help avoid creating unnecessary problems. Make yourself knowledgeable about the filters in your appliances and how to get to them, clean them and place them correctly back into the unit. Doing so will help the appliances work better and for longer. This is great advice for air conditioners, fridges, and dryers.

The best way to care for your appliances is to keep the manual, make yourself familiar with directions and uses for your units. Maintain your unit with regular cleaning and maintenance. Use the user manual to diagnose problems you can fix yourself, but if you have any trouble feel free to call us to help you fix anything causing you problems.

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