Simple Oven Maintenance To Do Yourself

Simple Oven Maintenance To Do Yourself


Some people don’t use their ovens very often while others use them to cook frequently. Some cultures tend to use the stove top burners for the majority of their cooking and others use the oven. No matter what part of the oven you use and how often you use it, you want it to work correctly when you need it. In order to keep things running smoothly and correctly, here are some great tips to owning a product that functions correctly and lasts longer.


Clean It Out

We know that it isn’t the most fun job, but cleaning out your oven is extremely important to keeping it running and heating evenly. Some experts suggest giving your oven a good scrub every six months or so, unless you use it heavily and then you may need to clean it slightly more often. Be careful of what chemicals you use to clean, you don’t want to use something that damages the inside of your oven. If you want a no-chemical option, you can use a baking soda and water paste first and then wipe everything out with dish soap to remove any extra grease. It can be a great idea to unplug your oven any time you are going to be cleaning it out, just as an extra safety precaution.


Stove Top

Burners need to be cleaned and cared for as well! If you spill something under the burner, clean it as soon as you can. Take care to ensure the burner is entirely cool before removing it to access the plate underneath it. Make sure to clean off the top of the stove and wipe down the back area with the knobs and buttons. Never remove these buttons or knobs. Doing so can increase chances of causing electrical problems.


If you ever notice areas on your burners that are more red or a darker red than the rest, this can be a sign that the burner is about to short out. Do not continue using this burner and replace it immediately to reduce chances of electrical problems later.


Proactive Measures

In order to cut down on some of the cleaning that needs doing when you often use your oven, you can put down an oven safe spill mat. These are easy to remove and clean anytime you need to. This can keep spills from burning and crusting onto the oven itself. If you don’t want to purchase an oven mat to put at the bottom of your oven, you can make your own by laying down a sheet of tinfoil in the bottom, taking care not to cover vents, any time you are baking or cooking something that may spill over.

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