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Save Energy And Money At Home

Save Energy And Money At Home

Saving extra cash on your energy and electricity bills is usually a pretty happy thought. With all the appliances, lights, and devices that use power these days, the bill can get pretty high! Especially if you are running an air conditioner or heater, depending on the season, you can see some spikes on those extremely cold or extremely hot days. To help you keep things efficient and your bills lower, here are some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your appliances and your money!


One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your appliances is to keep them clean. It can’t be emphasized enough that clogged vents, filters, and dust bunnies blocking intake ducts are going to reduce how well your appliances operate. If the appliance has to work doubly hard to get the air it needs to circulate through it to run properly, that means it is using more energy, and running longer to achieve its goals.


Make sure that you pull appliances out from the wall far enough that they have proper air circulation in the first place, and then do at least bi-annual cleaning behind them. During this time, also take a moment to check all the seals on your appliances to ensure they are making a good seal and not cracked or damaged. Take the time to vacuum off the back of the fridge and keep dust bunnies from blocking up the vents. Clean out any filters your appliances have on a regular basis. This is particularly important for furnaces and air conditioners because they are constantly circulating air, hot or cold, to get to the proper temperature you set the thermostat at.


This leads into the next tip. Don’t set your thermostat at a temperature unless that is the one you want it at. Seems obvious, right? Have you ever been cold so you turn up the heat ten degrees? Doing this only runs your machine harder and longer and won’t actually heat the house any more quickly. Set it at a comfortable temperature and leave it for the best efficiency and grab a sweater if you are feeling chilly.


Another simple thing to do is to power down anything that you are not using. This is another one of those ideas that seems obvious but we forget to do on a regular basis. Unplug things that aren’t being used and don’t need to be plugged in. Don’t leave radios playing or lights on if you aren’t in the room or currently using them. Doing these simple things and being more conscious of what is just turned on and what needs to be on will help you save money and energy in your home every month.

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