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Refrigerator Repair Atlanta And Improved Efficiency

Refrigerator repair Atlanta is done by experts in this field to uphold its efficiency. This gadget is used to store and preserve food to retain their freshness and hence is bound to have some mechanical breakdown. It comes in many models hence it is important to understand how each work to avoid mishandling.
This appliance should be handled with care to give it a long life. In case of a mechanical breakdown, a technician should be contacted. The technicians have the skills to deal with any technicalities. Even if only minor repairs are needed, one should not to carry on with it if one is not qualified.
Most repairs of the fridge are caused by leakage in the pipes. In order to minimize these problems, the gadget should be kept where there is sufficient air circulation. When transporting the fridge, one should carry it in an upright position to reduce the risk of Freon leakage.
In the event of a malfunctioning fridge, a specialist in Atlanta usually first disconnects the machine from the power source. The capacitor must be discharged since it always stores power even if the electricity is off. In order to gain access to this capacitor, the specialist removes the panel.


Discharging the capacitor requires the use of a 2-watt resistor. This is done by fastening the capacitor terminals to the probes of the resistor and this discharges it instantly. The technician will only proceed with his job after the capacitor has been discharged to avoid electrocution.
He then opens the access panel. It is only through this that he will examine the evaporator coils, condenser and compressor amongst others to establish the cause of breakdown. Major breakdowns are determined by burns on the prongs of the plugs and when the cord of the unit seems frayed. These experts on refrigerator repair Atlanta work professionally and timely.
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