My Ice Cubes Taste Funny…

My Ice Cubes Taste Funny…

Ice makers are an incredibly useful appliance feature, especially in the hot summer months when you just need some ice to make that cold drink, colder. If you have an ice cube maker in your freezer, you probably have at some point noticed that the ice cubes are not quite as clear as they used to be. Maybe they smell a little off, or even taste strange or gross and there is no way you are putting that in your delicious soda, no matter how hot it is outside. We understand the struggle and are here to help! Check out the tips below to make sure your ice is delicious and cooling in all the years seasons.


Filter Systems Need To Be Changed

As nice as it is to have a handy filtration system that keep impurities out of the water we get from our fridge, they don’t work forever. Filters need to be replaced at least every six months, more so if you use yours frequently. Your ice cubes are coming from the same filtration system, so making sure that it is clean and running smoothly is key to having good ice cubes.


Stale Ice Cubes Or Badly Packaged Food

You heard us right, ice cubes can go stale just like food items. If you don’t go through much ice, change out the box of ice cubes every so often to make sure you are getting fresh ones when you do use them. Another important tip is to wash the ice cube box at least monthly to make sure your ice cubes are landing in a clean box.


Badly packaged foods can allow smells to travel around your freezer. This means your ice cubes will probably start picking them up. To avoid this, make sure you know what is in your freezer, and how long it has been in there. Use appropriate containers and bags to store things in your freezer to keep odors from developing and spreading about the freezer.


Clean Out Your Freezer

To go along with getting rid of spoiled food and the bad odors that can develop from them, it is important to clean out your freezer every so often to clean up any spills or areas that are developing mold or mildew. Following a six month cleaning schedule where you take out all your food items and scrub out the inside of your freezer is a great idea that will help make sure your food, ice cubes, and freezer stays clean and avoids spreading or picking up any odd smells or getting moldy.

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