Life Skills: Laundry Basics

Life Skills: Laundry Basics


Becoming a self-sufficient adult and productive member of society is a goal many of us have from a young age, even if we don’t quite phrase it that way in our minds. We look forward to growing up, moving out, and living on our own. An important part of becoming ready for those things is learning the basics of cooking, cleaning, and taking care of ourselves. This includes learning how to properly do your own laundry! Really, laundry is a simple task, but it is one that needs doing relatively frequently, and needs to be done correctly to produce the desired results and to make sure you don’t damage your washer and dryer. So to help you on your adulthood journey, we put together a quick and simple guide to the basics!


Sort Your Clothes!

The first step in washing your clothes is to sort them into the right piles to be washed. Typically, many people sort by dark colors, light colors, denim, towels, and bedding. By sorting your clothes you want to not only keep in mind the colors but also the fabric the item is made out of. Denim can handle more pressure and tumbling in the dryer than your thin t-shirts. You are basically sorting them into the piles of what their best wash and dry cycles are. If you aren’t sure about a piece, you can always call your mom, but we recommend checking the care tag that is sewn into the clothes.


Load The Machine

The next step is to take one of the piles that was sorted and load them into the washing machine. You will then use the knobs to select the load size, cycle type, and water temperature. Never machines have load sensing capabilities and don’t require a load size to be selected but may offer other settings for you to choose from. After you have selected all of the things you need to, put the appropriate amount of soap that is made for your type of machine into the correct place, and hit the start button.



When your clothes are done washing and the machine turns off, you can decide to line dry or machine dry your items. If you are going to line dry them, hang them up and wait! If you are going to use the dryer, load the clothes into the drum and add your dryer sheets. They help reduce static cling and help your clothes smell good. You will again use the knobs on the dryer to select the appropriate cycles and temperatures on the dryer. Be sure to clean out the lint trap and then you can hit the start button.


When your clothes are done, promptly remove them and fold or hang them as needed. This reduces wrinkles from taking over your clothes!





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