Laundry Tips And Things To Avoid

Laundry Tips And Things To Avoid

Washing machines are a wonderful addition to our modern world. Just imagine how long laundry would take if you had to hand wash all of them and hang them out to dry. Seems quite daunting, especially when you factor in significant other's’ laundry and all the laundry your kids are going through. Yikes, definitely not something that you want to sacrifice your time doing, there is too much else going on in your life to spend hours and hours washing clothes one by one. So, to help you keep your machine in its best condition, here are some tips and some things you need to avoid doing.


It is a very important and useful practice to get into checking your machine every few months for any signs of wear or potential problems. If you have a rubber gasket or seal around the door, check for cracks or areas it isn’t sealing properly. Make sure to also check the hoses at the back for signs of wear and cracks because you are going to have more to deal with than a broken washer if those hoses burst and flood your house.


Remember to clean out the machine at least once a month. Run the clean washer cycle and wipe out any signs of mold that you see as soon as you see it. Consider leaving the door open when not in use to make sure it is properly drying out. The same goes for the little dispenser drawer where you put softener and detergent. Regularly wash and rinse these out and leave the drawer open a little to allow to it dry. This will prevent smells and mold from developing.


Now for some things you need to stop doing or avoid doing. Stop just tossing in however much detergent. There is a good reason there are directions and measuring cups included with your detergent. Using the appropriate amount is vital to getting the best results. Not to mention, consistently using too much, or using the wrong type of detergent can lead to a buildup of slime inside your machine. Ew.


Next thing, there is a good reason there are so many cycle options and settings on your machine. They are made for the type of materials, textiles, and clothes that you may have. Run your batch of towels through on the towels setting and your whites on a whites setting. Each setting has been preset with the best options to maximize your results for the different types of materials you are washing. Using the appropriate cycle will help make your clothes last longer, get cleaner, and keep your machine flushed and in good shape.

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