Keeping Cool When The Ice Maker Malfunctions

Keeping Cool When The Ice Maker Malfunctions

Having an ice maker is a luxury in the hot summer months where it is hard to get cooled off or escape the sticky humidity that comes with the summer heat waves. Ice in your drink has a special way of making the summer feel a little cooler, and keeping you from overheating. Ice makers are a great addition to your kitchen whether you have one in your freezer or you are rocking a portable one. Unfortunately, at times your machine may not be working quite like you want it, so we put together this helpful guide to diagnose some basic problems you may be experiencing and some other useful tips. If you are still having trouble, please contact us so we can help you start enjoying your iced drinks once more.


Taking Care

As with all appliances and machines, some basic care and love go a long way in helping them to last and continue functioning properly. Proper cleaning helps to ensure proper functioning and to keep your ice looking and tasting great. The biggest problem we see when the ice maker or fridge/freezer is not cleaned regularly is bad tasting ice. Make sure to clean the ice bin, wipe down the ice maker, and keep the freezer clean as well. Remove any old food that may be causing odors to seep into your ice, and wipe out the freezer often as well. Check the filter and replace it if needed on the timeline your filters suggest. Flushing out intake lines is another great way to keep things tasting right.


Understand Your Machine

Reading the manual and understanding how your ice maker works will go a long way in helping you keep it running properly. Knowing where the shutoff switches are, the valves and intake hoses, and knowing the range to keep your thermostat at will help you keep your ice maker pumping out ice to cool you off on hot days.


Call A Technician

If you aren’t certain about how to properly clean and care for your machine, call a technician to show you how or to do the regular maintenance that needs done to keep things working correctly. If you are having trouble getting things to work, the Atlanta Area Repair team is happy to help you diagnose and fix the problem! Call us today!


Remember, it is always important to turn off your ice maker when you will be out of town, this prevents any extra leaks or damage that can result if something malfunctions.


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