Increasing Energy Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator

Increasing Energy Efficiency Of Your Refrigerator

When it comes down to it, your refrigerator is probably the one appliance that is always running. Every second of the day and every day of the year, it is working to keep your food cool and safe to eat as well as prolonging the shelf life of produce and other foods. Think about all the wasted energy that can come from a less than efficient fridge. To prevent this waste and the increase in your energy bill, consider following some of the tips listed below.


Empty Space = Wasted Energy

When there is a lot of empty space in your fridge, it makes the fridge work harder to maintain and regulate the temperature inside of it. When you fill up your fridge with groceries it helps to keep everything cooler because cold things keep other things colder, too. If you are low on groceries or just don’t typically have a lot in your fridge, consider putting in jugs or bottles of water just as space filler. Even better, consider getting a more appropriately sized fridge for your needs!


Don’t Put Hot Food In The Fridge And Keep Things Covered

A mistake way too many people make is to put their still warm, or hot, dishes and meals in the fridge. Doing this adds a lot to the amount of work your refrigerator has to do to cool off the item and also to regulate the temperature of the rest of the fridge and products inside. Not only is it about temperatures, but uncovered foods (particularly still hot food) have moisture that is being taken into the air. Your refrigerator has to do extra work to remove all that moisture causing it to wear out faster and run longer, using more power. Make sure to cover all the food you put in the fridge to prevent this.


Simple Maintenance

You heard us right, doing some simple cleaning and maintenance checks can increase efficiency and help your unit last longer and work better. First, make sure to clean out from behind the fridge! Your fridge should not be all the way against the wall, give it an inch or two to breathe. Dust, pet hair and other things can fill up the coils on the back of the fridge making it work harder to expel heat from the unit. Every so often remember to vacuum off the coils to help out your fridge. Check that the seals are still in good condition and not allowing cold air to escape.

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