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Electric Oven Not Heating Properly

Do you own an electric oven that stopped heating properly? There's nothing quite as frustrating as going to cook dinner for the family only to discover that your oven no longer works. This can completely throw your dinner plans off course, forcing you to come up with a new dinner idea. To make matters worse, owners oftentimes have no clue how to fix an electric oven that stopped heating. Even if you still have the instruction manual that originally came with it, chances are there's little-to-no information regarding this problem. If you are left with an electric oven that no longer heats as it should, keep reading and we'll go over some basic troubleshooting steps.

It It Turning On?

First and foremost, you'll want to check and see if the oven is actually turning on when you try to cook something. This shouldn't be difficult for most ovens, as they have an LED or LCD clock/timer display that lights up when the oven is on. If you see this panel on, whether it's correct or not, then you know the unit is receiving power. If it's dark with no numbers being displayed, then your unit probably isn't getting the power it needs. In this case, search for the circuit breaker box in your home to see if there's a tripped circuit. When too many appliances and electronic devices are plugged into one area of the house, they can force the the circuit breaker to trip. Just flip it back from the "off" position to the "on" position and your oven should come back on.





Perhaps your oven is heating up but the thermostat simply isn't reading the temperature correctly. This is an all-too-common problem that leads many owners to go out and purchase a brand new unit. Instead of hastily rushing into such an unnecessary purchase, try placing a separate thermostat inside the oven after it's heated up to see what it reads. Trust me, it's much cheaper to replace a thermostat than it is to replace the entire oven.

Broken or Damaged Heating Element

If your oven is receiving power but still not heating properly, the problem could be related to a broken or damaged heating element. Unfortunately, diagnosing this issue is a bit more difficult than the previous problems. If you believe the heating element has gone out in your electric oven, call a professional technician to come out and service the unit for you. They will be able to determine exactly where the problem is coming from and then let you know what's required to fix it.




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