Does Your Kitchen Stink? Your Garbage Disposal May Be The Culprit

Does Your Kitchen Stink? Your Garbage Disposal May Be The Culprit

There is something uniquely frustrating and disgusting about a smelly kitchen. Probably because you want the place you eat and prepare your food to be a clean and fresh place. The trouble is, there are some distinct ways that make your kitchen an easy target for unfriendly odors. Not only is there a trash can that many pieces of food get dumped in and begin to rot, or there is the chance that your groceries are going bad on the counter or in the fridge. If it isn’t one of these things, you will most likely at some point or another need to deodorize and freshen up a stinky garbage disposal.


The good news is you have lots of options for getting rid of that stinky smell coming from down your drain, and some of them just use things you have around your house. You can always purchase tablets or pellets from the store that are made to freshen things up and deodorize your drain, or you can try some home remedies first.


One of the first tricks to clean out your drain is to run ice down the disposal sprinkled with salt, rock salt is best. Run cold water on top of the ice and let your disposal chop up the ice and salt. This helps remove chunks of food that are stuck to the blades and may be rotting, contributing to the stink from your sink. It can be good practice to run ice and salt through your disposal on a pretty regular basis to keep food from building up on the blades and making them less efficient.


Following that, or instead, you can sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda down your disposal followed by some vinegar. Let the mixture foam up and work for ten minutes or so and follow that with boiling water to rinse things out. Remember that usually you will want to run cold water when using your garbage disposal for food items.


If you want to add some good smells on top of deodorizing that bad boy, consider purchasing some lemons, limes, or oranges and chopping them in small pieces. Run these through the disposal one at a time, taking care not to overload your disposal. Always remember to run water any time you are using your disposal to help things go down more easily.

These tricks should help you get your kitchen smelling nice and fresh and make your kitchen the center of your home once again.

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