Considering Line Drying?

Considering Line Drying?


We all know that it is way more tempting to throw all our clothes into the dryer and hit the start button and be done with it, but should we consider line drying our clothes a bit more? Drying clothes in the dryer is quicker than line drying for sure, but a dryer does tend to use up a lot of energy and by energy we mean a higher electricity bill. Dryers can also speed up the process of wearing out your clothes. Tumbling around on a high heat can be hard on your clothes, that is why some more delicate materials cannot be put into the dryer. So what are some of the perks of line drying compared to using a machine?


To start off, like we mentioned before, it is going to save you money. It may not sound like a lot of savings if you decide to forego the machine dryer and hang your clothes out to dry instead, but the savings add up over time. At the end of a year of not using your dryer so frequently, many people or families could save around a hundred extra dollars. (Depending on electricity prices in your area and how often you dry your clothes.)


If you avoid using the dryer, you are also going to be using less chemicals. There are chemicals in your dryer sheets, and not using them or your dryer allows you to be more frugal with your use of chemicals and what you put into the environment. Not only that, but the sun is a natural whitener. Lay out your whites when the sun is at its peak and you just might be surprised just how good of a job it does. This gets rid of the need to use bleach and other chemicals on your clothes as well.


Line drying is a good opportunity to destress and teach your kids how to work and do laundry. Make hanging out the laundry family time. Little kids love to hand out clothes pins and bigger kids are more than capable of helping you hang the clothes up. By providing your kids an opportunity to help with laundry and spend time with you, you are bonding with them and teaching them how to work.


One of the biggest complaints of line drying clothes is that they are sometimes stiff and not as soft as something that goes through the dryer. You can try putting some vinegar into your wash to help keep your clothes soft even when you line dry them, or you can shake out the clothes when you hang them up and when you take them down. This helps soften them up before you wear them.

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